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Katherine Jean’s interview with the Ottawa Citizen.

OTTAWA — Katherine Jeans went to see her hero, Oprah Winfrey, recently here in Ottawa. And, in a way, she herself is practising what the self-help guru has preached for years: be true to yourself, find what you’re passionate about and go after it.

Born in Newfoundland, the middle child of six, she was deterred from university at the age of 18 following a diagnosis of Dyslexia. However, after working in sales at a local radio station in Ottawa, she switched gears and joined Sound Venture Productions in 1985, soon evolving into a writer, producer and director who would go on to win two Gemini’s for her work in children’s TV and documentaries — The Toy Castle and Angels of Mercy, respectively.

Eight years ago she made another change. After many years of doodling with her daughter Ivy, now 18, she took up painting seriously and has had eight solo shows and six gallery showings from Vancouver to Palm Beach since.

A few years ago she and her family renovated their home with the help of renowned architect Barry Hobin, with art in mind. “I wanted to be able to use my home as a gallery to show my art as well,” she says of the elegantly appointed Glebe house, where she now is “lucky enough to live, work and play.”

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